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There’s nothing quite like a fresh trim, especially when you can enjoy it for many years to come. Acting as your trusted tree trimming professional, we’ll revitalize your tree’s unsightly appearance, making your property once again the envy of the entire neighborhood. Our experts have been trimming trees locally for over 65 years.

Our teams remove hazardous dead branches to keep your trees safe and to promote healthy growth. Climbers can also remove branches to thin the canopy of trees to allow more sunlight to your yard. We also use our High Reaches to prune and shape trees to give them a more defined shape. So, whether you are in need of a quick removal of one or two concerning branches, or you want a whole new shape to your tree, call Smitty’s! We’ll make the process simple, convenient, and hassle-free.

If you are concerned that one of your trees needs to be trimmed, call or send a request online. An expert will look at your tree concerns for free. These Arborists will provide you with an expert opinion on how to best trim your tree. Whether, you tree needs shaping, or just a few hazardous branches removed, our professionals can help you determine the best course of action. Our Arborists work with trees every day and have years of experience. If you are interested in a free estimate, please call or click to request a free quote.

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