tree-stump-yard-removalChopping down a tree in your yard can be a great way to free up space and open up the atmosphere. However, it can also result in the existence of an unsightly stump. While a small stump may not seem like a big cause for concern, it can be a fairly large hinderance, affecting the look, functionality, and safety of your yard.

For this reason, if you have a stump in your Oak Lawn yard, it’s wise to have it removed. There are a number of benefits that come with stump removal in Oak Lawn, Illinois, all of which will be reviewed below.

Improves Safety Within Your Yard

Perhaps the biggest benefit of removing the stump in your yard is that doing so will improve the safety of your yard. After all, having a large, protruding, solid object in the middle of your property makes for a significant tripping hazard.

Imagine walking through your yard late at night, only to stub your toe on the stump unexpectedly. Imagine your kids running through your yard, only to hit the stump without notice and fall face down.

When it comes to safety, there’s nothing good that can come from having a stump in your yard. Only by having the stump removed can you make your yard truly safe.

Improves the Look of Your Yard

Unless you’re going for a unique, rustic look with your property, a stump isn’t going to do anything to improve its overall aesthetic. In fact, in most cases, a stump will only work to reduce your property’s aesthetic.

Stumps are often simply a sad reminder of what once was. Their existence doesn’t come from progress or grounds improvements, rather they are often present because a tree suffered from disease and needed to be removed.

In essence, if you want to optimize the appearance and functionality of your yard, you will have to have that stump removed. Most established and reputable tree care companies can get the job done for you.

Makes Lawn Care Easier

Some people love mowing and trimming their lawns. However, most people don’t. In fact, many individuals dislike having to do yard work.

If you are a home owner you can’t eliminate yard work entirely, however you can do things to make it easier. One obvious thing you can do is remove any unnecessary obstacles. This will make mowing more convenient, and will reduce the amount of weed-whacking needed.

What are some of the most common, yet unnecessary obstacles you’ll find on a residential property? Stumps, of course. Remove your stump, and reap the benefits of simplified lawn care.

Frees Up Space

When a stump inhabits your yard, it takes up a great deal of space. Not only does it take up the space that it physically inhabits, it takes up the space in its near proximity as well. Depending on where exactly the stump is located, it can compromise a meaningful percentage of your yard.

By removing the stump, you free your yard up for a variety of other options. Want to build a shed? Maybe you’re interested in installing a play set for your kids? Stump removal can free up all of the space necessary to accommodate your plans.

Looking for Stump Removal in Oak Lawn?

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