landscaping-tree-removalJust because it’s starting to get a little cold outside doesn’t mean that it’s too late to have your trees taken care of. In fact, the impending cold and snow are actually very good reasons to utilize tree services. A tree service can help not only to make your yard more functional, but safer as well.

Curious as to what a Burr Ridge, Illinois tree company can do for you? Here are some tree services you may receive.

Fertilization of Trees

Admittedly, fertilizing your trees in November in Burr Ridge is a bit of a lost cause. At this point, many trees have reached dormancy, and will not be growing again until the spring thaw arrives.

However, tree fertilization is something you should always keep in mind. If your trees fail to obtain enough nutrients naturally, adding fertilizer can be a great help. Any landscaping company can assist you in getting the job done.

Removal of Stumps

Tired of staring at that ugly stump in your yard? Now is as good a time as any to have it removed. A landscaping company can rip it right out of your yard, taking any and all roots with it.

This will serve not only to improve the aesthetic of your yard, but the overall safety and functionality of your yard as well.

Tree Pruning

If you haven’t had your trees pruned in a long while, now would be a great time to do so. Illinois winters wreak havoc on trees, often resulting in the freezing and falling of large tree branches. On some occasions, falling tree branches will cause physical damage to cars, houses, and even human beings.

A landscaping company that specializes in tree care will be able to prune your trees so as to limit the chances of falling branches. This company will also ensure that your trees look beautiful when draped in powdery, white snow.

Elimination of Insects 

One of the great things about cold weather is that it generally drives away annoying insects. Because of this, your trees and plants are typically safe from parasites during the wintertime.

However, if, on an off chance, you’re dealing with termites this winter, a landscaping company can help you to eliminate them.

Tree Removal

Perhaps you have a decaying tree in your yard? Maybe you’re afraid that winter weather will push it over the edge, causing it to crash down on your house or other possessions?

If so, you should have it removed. A landscaping company can remove all traces of it in just a short amount of time, vastly improving the safety of your property.

Utilize the Services of a Burr Ridge Landscaping Company

Would you like to have your trees pruned before winter sets in? If so, and if you’re looking for a Burr Ridge tree company, Smitty’s Tree & Service has you covered.

Our team of highly-skilled and experienced tree crews are more than capable of carrying out all of the tasks reviewed above. We look forward to transforming your yard.

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