Expert Tree Removal

Smitty’s Tree Service Inc. specializes in removing trees. Our crews have been offering professional tree removal services for over 65 Years. We expertly remove trees everyday. Skilled crews handle a large variety of tree removal situations with ease. Whether you need a small Ornamental tree removal or a mature tree removal, our tree experts can handle the job. Staff can easily remove small trees quickly and easily. Also for those larger trees, our High Reaches and Spider Lifts give our crews the height to reach the taller tree tops.

Our company also utilizes the latest in Grapple Saw technology to remove entire trees via remote control. The trucks hold, cut, and lower your tree down safely, leaving a minimal impact to your property. For trees in tight areas, our ninja-like climbing staff will remove trees that larger equipment cannot reach. Whether residential tree removal or commercial tree removal is needed, our staff handles those hazardous trees quickly and safely. Because of these advancements, and years of experience, Smitty’s is the tree removal company you can trust.

If you are concerned that one of your trees needs to be removed, call or send a request online. An expert will come out and look at your tree concerns for free. Our estimators work with trees everyday and have years of experience. They provide you with an arborist’s evaluation to let you know if your tree can be saved or if they recommend tree removal. We offer free in person evaluations, and provide contact free estimates. So, whether you are at home or far away, our service is provided hassle-free to accommodate you!

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Remote Controlled Tree Removal