chainsaw-tree-pruningSo many homeowners are content to let their trees grow all over the place without any direction or control. What these homeowners don’t understand is that, not only do unkempt trees ruin the aesthetic of their yards, they compromise the safety and functionality of their yards as well.

For this reason, tree pruning is highly recommended. To better illustrate the necessity of tree pruning in Oak Park, we’re going to discuss some of its benefits below. Let’s get into it!

The Advantages of Tree Pruning

The benefits of tree pruning are many. In addition to aesthetic benefits, tree pruning will deliver both safety and performance benefits. The primary benefits of tree pruning are as follows:

Improves the Well-being of Your Trees

The simple fact of the matter is that tree pruning improves the overall well-being of your trees. It does this in two general ways: by eliminating the spread of disease, and by centralizing the flow of nutrients.

If a portion of a tree begins to rot and decay, that decay is at risk of spreading throughout the rest of the tree. This can eventually result in the tree’s death. Cutting off rotting branches will stop the spread of decay, and will also ensure that each portion of the tree receives plenty of nutrients.

Improves the Appearance of Your Yard

Unless you’re going for a haunted house look, you don’t want long, wiry branches extending over the entirety of your yard. Cutting these branches down in length provides your trees with a much cleaner and inviting look.

Seeing as your trees are a major aesthetic component of your yard, tree pruning has major positive aesthetic benefits for your entire property.

Creates a More Inviting Atmosphere

A little shade can be nice, especially on a hot summer day. However, this doesn’t mean that you should cover your entire yard in shade. A little sunshine can do a lot for the overall atmosphere of your property.

Having your trees pruned regularly ensures that your yard sees plenty of light. This transforms your yard from a dark, shady, uninviting place to warm, bright, and welcoming place.

Makes Your Yard Safer

Branches fall from trees sometimes. This is true regardless of whether or not trees are pruned regularly. However, if you want to minimize the chances of falling branches, you’ll want to have your trees pruned.

Trimming down branches removes a great deal of pressure from them, allowing them to stand strong throughout all kinds of outdoor conditions. If you want your branches to make it through the cold winter, you should consider having your trees pruned.

Ensures That Your Trees Grow in the Right Direction

When left on their own, tree branches will grow in a variety of different directions. In some cases, they will grow to the point that they endanger prized entities (ie. houses, power lines, garages, etc.).

Fortunately, you can prevent branches from growing toward these entities by having your trees pruned regularly. Pruning your trees directs their growth, ensuring that they grow straight up, instead of to the left or to the right.

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