Take Control of Those Unsightly Stumps

You don’t know hard work until you’ve attempted to remove a stump. While there are a lot of “alternative methods” on the market today, nothing can be quicker or more efficient than a simple grind out. By utilizing small and lightweight stump grinders, we can easily remove stumps of almost any size, in almost any location, without causing significant damage to your property. In just a few short minutes (literally) we can annihilate that unsightly stump that’s been teasing you for years. 

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Why you should remove your tree stumps

  • Stumps pose a safety hazard, especially for children.
  • Stumps are a hassle to mow around when you care for your lawn.
  • Stumps draw attention away from nicer landscape elements.
  • Stumps can become breeding grounds for insects and tree diseases.

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