Trees are beautiful and can often be a welcome addition to any yard. Unfortunately, however, trees don’t always stay beautiful. Furthermore, even the most gorgeous tree could pose a hazard under certain circumstances. Trees that are diseased, that are rotting, or that have other problems can pose a danger to your yard and your property and usually need to be removed. Fortunately, knowing when a tree needs to be removed is typically pretty simple.

The Tree Is Causing “Property Problems”

One of the first warning signs that a tree needs to go may be if it is causing damage to nearby property.

Perhaps you have a tree that is constantly losing heavy branches, which are falling onto your car, your roof, or another structure on your property. Or maybe you have a tree that’s leaning a little further down each year, causing damage to your yard or anything you place near the tree.

In any of these instances, the best thing to do is usually to have the tree removed so it’s no longer a source of property damage.

A Troubled Trunk

Sometimes, a trunk can be the most telling part of a tree. If you’ve got a tree with a trunk that is cracked, missing big chunks of bark, or otherwise damaged, this could mean that that the tree is becoming less sturdy.

The last thing you want is a weak and poorly supported tree because that’s the kind of tree that is bound to topple over at any minute. Have a professional take a look to determine if the tree needs to be removed.

Mushrooms Popping Up

Another sign that you may have tree problems is if you notice mushrooms growing at the base of your tree.

Typically, mushrooms only grow in areas where there is decay present. And what’s worse is that mushrooms actually produce decay as they grow. Thus, the presence of mushrooms likely means you’ve got a decaying or diseased tree, and the problem is only going to get worse until the tree is removed.

Recent Storm Damage

It is not uncommon for people to become attached to the trees on their property. For this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to let a tree go, even when it’s obvious it has recently sustained some damage, such as storm damage, which is very common.

If, after a recent storm, your tree has started looking less sturdy, is missing a lot of branches, or is coming up at the roots, it’s time to let a professional take a look. If you want to keep your tree, a good pro will do anything possible to save it, but sometimes removal is the best course of action, especially after major damage.

It’s Causing Squabbles With Your Neighbor

Finally, you may want to consider removing a tree if it’s causing problems with your neighbors or posing a liability.

Your neighbors might be mad that the tree is constantly dropping leaves or branches on their property. Or they might be concerned that the tree is going to fall on their home. Whatever the case may be, if the tree is raising valid concerns with your neighbors, it’s usually easier to just allow it to be removed.

If any of these things apply to a tree on your property, then it’s time to either get it checked out or just to schedule it for removal. Whatever your choice may be or if you just have concerns about a tree on your property, you are encouraged to contact Smitty’s Tree Service. for advice and more information. This company provides excellent tree removal services as well as a variety of other tree- and lawn-related services.