mulch-smittys-oak-lawnWarm weather has arrived, and with it, landscaping season. If you’re thinking about making some big transformations to your yard, now is as good a time as any to start the process.

Perhaps you’re thinking about landscaping with mulch for the first time, but aren’t sure as to whether or not you’d be making the right decision? When used for landscaping purposes, mulch has a number of benefits. Read below to determine whether or not you should utilize mulch in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Reduce Weed Growth

Perhaps nothing does more to negatively affect a lawn’s appearance than weeds. Weeds can turn an otherwise beautiful bed of flowers into an eyesore.

While weed killer can help eradicate these weeks, there’s something which is even more effective than weed killer: mulch. Mulch acts as a barrier between weeds and the surface of the earth, preventing them from ever becoming visible in the first place.

This isn’t to say that weeds can’t grow through mulch; it’s just that they typically never do.

Lessen the Chance of Soil Erosion

When hard rains fall, topsoil is loosened, and typically displaced. This process is known as soil erosion. The problem with soil erosion is that it prevents flowers and other plants from getting necessary nutrients.

Fortunately, you can help prevent soil erosion by laying down mulch. Again, mulch acts as a sort of barrier between water and topsoil, keeping this topsoil in place, and providing plants with the nutrients that they need.

Retain Water

In order for plants to grow and thrive, they need water. While rain water typically falls pretty regularly, there are occasions of drought. It is during these occasions of drought that plants need to use water which has been retained in soil.

Mulch is terrific for this purpose. After water has seeped into the soil, the mulch will lessen the effects of evaporation, preventing the sun from reaching down into the soil and taking the water. In essence, mulch acts as a reliable aid to water retention.

Feed Your Soil

While many think of mulch as just an aesthetic entity, it actually provides your soil with vital nutrients. As the mulch decomposes, it becomes part of the soil, helping to feed the many plants which are planted within it.

However, the type of mulch you use will affect its ability to do this. Generally, you’ll want to use mulch which has been made out of hardwood instead of softwood. This type of mulch will decompose at the desired rate. Looking for hardwood mulch? We can provide it to you!

Make Lawn Care Easier

It’s simple: the more mulch you have laid down, the less mowing you need to do. By covering your flower beds and surrounding your trees with mulch, you make lawn care substantially easier.

Having mulch put down essentially eliminates the act of having to mow around things. Instead, you can mow right up against the side of the mulch, catching every blade of grass with one fell swoop. If you want to make landscaping as easy as possible, you would be well served by mulch.

Looking for Mulch in Oak Lawn, Illinois?

Interested in utilizing mulch for your landscaping project? Looking for mulch in Oak Lawn, Illinois? If so, we here at Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service are the people to see.

We offer three different colors of mulch: light brown, dark brown, and red. Each type of mulch we provide is made out of hardwood lumber and is capable of offering a number of benefits to your yard.

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