winter-storm-tree-damageWinter storms are inevitable; particularly if you live in northeastern Illinois. But just because they’re inevitable doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to limit their destruction.

If you’ve got trees in your yard, they are especially vulnerable to the effects of a serious winter storm. To limit damage to your trees, and indirectly limit damage to the possessions on your property, there are a number of preemptive measures you can take.

Here is how to preemptively prevent storm damage to your trees.

Have Your Trees Pruned

Trees tend to cause most of their damage when their long branches snap off and fall on top of things such as roofs, cars, and even human beings. For this reason, you need to trim down these branches. Trimming them down will greatly decrease their chances of snapping and falling onto unsuspecting aspects of your property.

Also known as pruning, cutting off long, weak branches will not only rid the tree of its weak links, but will actually provide strength to the rest of its body as well.

But pruning a tree is not a simple task. If not done correctly, it can cause more harm than good. You might be better served by calling in a professional Chicago tree service.

Plant Strong Trees (If Possible)

If you’re moving into a newly built home on a fresh property, you can help prevent damage to your trees by planting the strongest trees possible. Whereas some tree species possess weak roots and brittle branches, other tree species are endowed with the exact opposite characteristics.

Oak and sweetgum trees are traditionally stronger than birch, dogwood, and beech trees. For this reason, you should consider planting oaks instead of birches.

While some winter weather is too disastrous for any tree to handle, these hardwood trees will do a better job of resisting its ill effects.

Replenish Your Trees’ Roots

The trees in your yard are only as strong as their roots. Roots are to a tree as a foundation is to a building. For this reason, you want to make sure that they’re as strong as possible at all times.

Regularly water your trees’ roots in the same way that you would water a plant. Apply water around its base and in any area where there may be roots growing. The goal is get water deep into the soil so that the roots gravitate downward instead of sideways.

Doing this will make your trees stronger, and will lessen the chance that they suffer damage at the hands of a storm.

Get Your Trees Inspected

What’s that old saying? Know thy enemy? Well, while your trees aren’t exactly your enemies, they can certainly work against you when met with the effects of a winter storm. For this reason, you must understand what they’re capable of.

Getting your trees tested and inspected by a professional will allow you to get an idea as to how much danger your property might be in should a storm arise.

Looking for tree inspection services in Chicago? You’re in the right place.

Need Help Preparing Your Trees for Winter Storms?

Preparing your trees to withstand winter storm damage in Chicago can be a daunting task. It’s not always easily done alone. Looking for some help? If so, you’re in the right place.

Here at Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service, we know exactly what measures to take to minimize storm damage to the trees on your Chicagoland property. With over 60 years of experience on our side, we’ll work to keep your estate as safe and protected as possible.

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