shoveling-mulch-wheelbarrowAre you an avid landscaper? Do you like to garden? Maybe you just want your yard to look nice? If so, mulch could be of great benefit to you.

While you may think of mulch as just being an aesthetic entity, the truth of the matter is that it serves many functions.

Wondering what these functions are? Interested in knowing how you can take advantage of mulch in River Forest, Illinois? This blog post has you covered.

What are the Benefits of Mulch?

Mulch delivers a variety of different benefits, improving not only the appearance of your yard, but its functionality as well. The primary benefits of mulch are as follows:

Soil Temperature Regulation

Most plants thrive at a soil temperature between 65°F and 75°F. While soil tends to be around this temperature during the spring and fall, it tends to exceed this temperature during the summertime.

However, there is a way to keep soil temperatures down at their appropriate levels. You can use mulch. Mulch works terrifically as a temperature regulator for soil.

Water Retention

A plant without water stands little to no chance of surviving. Trees, grass, flowers, and other types of plants need a constant supply of water in order to survive and thrive.

In most cases, rain water will supply plants with their daily water needs. However, in times of drought, evaporation can occur at rapid rates, depleting your plants’ water supply.

How can you slow down the evaporation process? By utilizing mulch. The substance makes for a top-notch water retention tool.

Weed Control

There are very few weeds that look good in a yard. For this reason, many homeowners do everything in their power to prevent weeds from sprouting.

While weedkiller can go a long way in eliminating weeds, it is far from the only weed prevention solution available. In fact, one of the best ways to prevent weeds is by spreading mulch.

Mulch acts as a barrier between the roots of weeds and the surface of the earth, covering any weeds that might grow, and preventing them from sprouting through the soil.

Nutrient Replenishment

In addition to sunlight and water, plants require a number of different nutrients in order to grow and thrive. These nutrients can be found in soil, and include everything from calcium, to magnesium, to sulfur, and more.

While soil is typically very plentiful in these nutrients, it is possible for a soil’s nutrient supply to run dry. How can you ensure that this never happens? Mulch is the key.

As mulch breaks down, it delivers these nutrients into the soil. When this occurs, the soil will be entirely replenished, ready to feed its plants once again.

Aesthetic Improvement

While not everyone appreciates the look of mulch, it’s safe to say that the majority of people do. This is perhaps the primary reason why mulch is so commonly used for landscaping.

Its generally dark appearance creates a beautiful contrast with the green plants in your yard. This contrast is truly eye-catching, capturing the attention of the majority of people who pass by.

In Search of Mulch Services in River Forest?

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