firewood-purchase-guide-chicagoWarm weather has begun to roll into Chicago. What does that mean? It’s bonfire season!

Of course, if you’re going to have a bonfire, you’re going to need some firewood. While buying firewood isn’t exactly rocket science, it does require some knowledge. This is particularly true if you’re trying to start fires that are of high quality.

Need help picking out firewood? Here is a guide to purchasing firewood in Chicago.

How is Firewood Bundled?

Firewood is bundled in all different sizes, shapes, and amounts. Logs are typically trimmed to 16 inches long, and are typically stacked to 4 feet high. Below, we’ll review some of the different bundling options available.

Half Cord

If you’re going camping for a week, you might benefit from a half cord of firewood. This bundle measures in at 4 feet x 4 feet x 16 inches, and includes 100 pieces of firewood. Of course, if need be, the bundle can be broken down to fit into different storage accessories.

One Face Cord

Going for a slightly longer camping trip? Host a lot of backyard bonfires? If so, you might benefit from a one face cord bundle. This bundle measures in at 4 feet x 8 feet x 16 inches, and includes 200 total pieces of wood.

One Double Faced Cord

If you use fire to heat your home, you’re going to need a great deal of firewood. You can get a great deal of firewood by ordering a one double faced cord bundle. This bundle measures in at 4 feet x 16 feet x 16 inches, and includes 400 total pieces of wood.

Full Cord

Perhaps you need an endless supply of firewood? If so, you’d might as well buy in bulk. You can do so by investing in a full cord bundle. A full cord bundle measures in at 4 feet x 24 feet x 16 inches, and includes 600 total pieces of firewood.

Types of Firewood Available

There are two general types of firewood available: mixed firewood and oak firewood. Both types of firewood have their benefits, however, they also have their drawbacks as well.


Oak firewood quite simply consists of oak wood. Oak is a fairly hard and dense wood which is capable of producing scorching hot fires. For this reason, it’s often used as a means of heating homes. However, it can obviously also be used for bonfires.


Mixed firewood is a random collection of different wood types. There might be some oak, there might be some cherry, there might be some ash, and there might be some other types of wood. Typically, mixed firewood is best used in bonfires.

Firewood Uses

There are a number of different uses for firewood. People use fire to cook, to heat their homes, and as a means of recreation.

Perhaps you’re looking to have a bonfire? Maybe you’re wanting to go camping? Perhaps you just bought a wood stove? In any of these cases, you will need firewood.

You might also have a fireplace in your home? There are fewer things in the world better than cozying up next to an open flame.

Purchase High-quality Firewood in Chicago

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We offer both mixed and oak firewood in bundles of many different sizes. Whether you need 100 pieces, 200 pieces, or just 10 pieces, we can accommodate you.

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