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Tree Care in Oak Lawn: The Importance of Stump Removal


tree-stump-yard-removalChopping down a tree in your yard can be a great way to free up space and open up the atmosphere. However, it can also result in the existence of an unsightly stump. While a small stump may not seem like a big cause for concern, it can be a fairly large hinderance, affecting the look, functionality, and safety of your yard.

For this reason, if you have a stump in your Oak Lawn yard, it’s wise to have it removed. There are a number of benefits that come with stump removal in Oak Lawn, Illinois, all of which will be reviewed below. (more…)

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What Services Can You Receive from a Palos Park Tree Service?


lawn-trees-landscapingIs the aesthetic of your yard starting to bore you? Is your yard filled with trees that drown out its atmosphere and make it an unpleasant place to be? If so, you might want to think about bringing in a tree service.

Tree services are capable of carrying out a variety of tasks, some of which serve to make your yard more attractive, some of which serve to make your yard more functional, and some of which serve to make your yard safer.

Wondering what exactly a Palos Park tree service can do for you? Read on! (more…)

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What Should You Do About That Unsightly Stump in Your Yard?


tree-stump-front-yardDo you have a tree stump in your back or front yard in Palos Park, Illinois? Are you growing increasingly tired of seeing it on a daily basis? If so, you might consider having it removed.

However, maybe you’re hesitant to hand over money just so that you can have a measly stump taken out of the ground? Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s even worth the trouble?

To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons — reasons to remove the stump, and reasons to not remove the stump. (more…)

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Should You Hire a Stump Removal Service in Tinley Park?


stump-removal-tinley-parkYou may think of the stumps in your yard as insignificant lumps which have no bearing on anything whatsoever. On most days, you’re likely entirely indifferent to them. However, stumps can pose some problems.

It’s not just aesthetics which are ruined by these protruding entities. Stumps can prove to be a safety hazard and general nuisance. If you’ve got a stump in your yard, it’s wise to have it professionally removed by a stump removal contractor.

Need convincing? Here are the reasons to hire a stump removal service in Tinley Park.

Reasons to Hire a Stump Removal Service in Tinley Park:

Improve the Aesthetic of Your Yard

The simple fact of the matter is that stumps are aesthetically unpleasant. Having a litany of almost-chopped trees scattered around your yard will bring down its overall look.

It doesn’t matter whether the rest of your yard looks impeccable. A dead, rotting stump will take away some of its charm.

Bringing in a professional stump removal service will ensure not only that the stump is removed, but that its previous location is patched up with fresh soil and grass. In essence, by hiring such a company, you’ll be able to transform the appearance of your yard.

Make Your Yard Easier to Mow

For most people, the most annoying part about mowing the lawn is mowing around different objects. If we could just walk or ride in a straight line while mowing the lawn, the process would be much less painful.

By removing the stumps in your yard, you bring just a little more ease to the activity of lawn mowing. Instead of having to trim the edges with a weedwhacker or push mower, you can just trim the grass in one fell swoop.

Optimize the Safety of Your Yard

While it’s not typical that people trip over stumps, the truth of the matter is that it can happen. This is especially true if your yard gets exceedingly dark at night.

In many cases, tripping over a stump will result in only minor pain. However, in some cases, tripping over a stump could result in rather serious injury.

Your best bet is to eliminate the chance of injury entirely by just having the stump removed.

Prevent Unwanted Trees From Growing in the Future

When a tree is cut down, but its stump remains, the roots of the tree are still left in the ground. While these roots don’t continue to grow, they can eventually let out sprouts known as sucker sprouts. At some point, these sucker sprouts will begin to grow, and can even lead to unwanted trees popping up in your yard.

The only way to ensure that unwanted trees don’t pop up is by removing stumps and roots entirely. This will leave your yard clear and open until you wish to take further action.

Maximize Room in Your Yard

Unless you’re using it as a sort of chair, a stump is an essentially useless entity. It doesn’t provide any decoration to your yard, and it doesn’t serve any practical function. Wouldn’t you rather utilize the space in your yard than have it taken up by a useless entity?

Removing the stump will maximize the room in your yard, allowing you to add new, useful entities such as sheds, gardens, and swing sets.

Hire a Reputable Stump Removal Service in Tinley Park

Are you convinced? Are you ready to do away with the unsightly stumps that are bringing down your yard? Looking for a reputable stump removal service in Tinley Park? If so, Smitty’s Tree & Arbor Service has got you covered.

We’ve been serving Tinley Park for over 60 years, providing tree and landscaping services of all kinds. Our team ensures quick and professional work.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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5 Reasons to Remove Stumps From Your Yard


tree-stump-removalWhile there is no one thing that will make your yard look bad, there are a number of bad things that, when added up, cause your yard to lose its aesthetic charm. One such thing is a tree stump.

Tree stumps evoke a combination of melancholy and laziness. They not only signify the departure of a once beautiful tree, but also signify that fact that you didn’t have the wherewithal to complete the tree’s removal.

You may be thinking: who cares? Well, there are more than just aesthetic reasons to get rid of your tree stumps.

Here are 5 reasons to remove stumps from your yard.

1. They’re Safety Hazards

Perhaps the most common sense of the reasons to remove stumps from your yard is that stumps are safety hazards that could potentially lead to injury.

After all, a hard, solid, entrenched piece of wood that sticks around a foot out of the ground is easy to trip over. This is especially true when it gets dark and you can’t see what’s around you.

Tripping over a stump might not seem like a big deal, but it could lead to serious injury. Your best bet is to just remove it entirely so that you can roam your yard without fear of hurting yourself.

2. They’re Unsightly

As was noted above, a stump is about as unsightly as anything that could ever appear in your yard. Whereas trees display beautiful leaves, stumps display the eradication of these leaves.

By removing stumps, you will not only improve the overall aesthetic of your property, you will potentially even increase the value of your property. No one wants a massacred tree sitting lifelessly in their yard.

It’s simple. Remove the stump and improve the appearance of your property.

3. They’re a Pain to Mow Around

While some people enjoy mowing their lawns, for most, it’s an annoying chore. You don’t want to make it any harder of a process than it has to be. And for this reason, you should remove the stumps in your yard.

Stumps are nothing more than another barrier to mow around. They prevent your ability to mow in a straight line, thus increasing the time it takes to get the job done.

Eradicate the stumps, and mowing the lawn will be a lot less of a hassle.

4. They Result in the Growth of New Trees

Did you know that a tree can grow back after it’s been cut down? Well, it can. That is, as long as you keep its stump entrenched in the ground.

In addition to growing back into a tree itself, a stump can also cause new trees to grow in its general proximity.

While there’s a chance that you want this, there’s also a decent chance that you don’t. If you don’t, you would be best served by removing the stump and its roots entirely.

5. They Take Up Precious Space

While you could conceivably use your stumps for a purpose, odds are that you won’t. They’ll probably just sit untouched in the middle of your yard, doing nothing more than taking up space and destroying the overall aesthetic of your property.

Think about the things you could replace your stumps with. Maybe you’re thinking about building a new shed? Maybe you’re interested in starting a garden?

By eradicating your stumps, you free up plenty of space to accomplish these things.

Looking to Remove Stumps From Your Yard?

Do you have a stump or two taking up space in your yard? Are you hoping to get rid of those stumps? If so, you’re in the right place.

We here at Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service have all of the knowledge and resources needed to extract your stumps in a quick and professional manner. Our licensed team of workers is beyond experienced in the process of stump removal, and will have your yard looking newly born.

Contact us today for an estimate!

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