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What Services Can You Receive From a Landscaping Company in Palos Park?


landscaping-palos-parkThere are a variety of things you can do to spice up the aesthetic of your property, but perhaps nothing makes quite the difference that landscaping does. You could live in a small, metal shack, but as long as your landscape looks good, your overall property will look good.

Landscaping companies offer a wide variety of services, all of which go a long way in improving the appearance of your property. Wondering what some of the services are you can receive from a landscaping company in Palos Park? This article has you covered.

Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Company in Palos Park:

Stump Removal

Is there an old tree stump that’s been sitting in the middle of your yard for the last several years? Are you tired of looking at, and tripping over it? If so, a landscaping company can help you.

Any landscaping company worth its salt will be able to extract the stump, and replace it with fresh soil, allowing grass to grow, and leaving your yard with a cleaner appearance.

Tree Trimming

Trees can have quite the effect on your yard. When they’re well taken care of, this effect is a good one. When they’re left to grow uncontrollably, this effect is a bad one.

By bringing in a landscaping service, you’ll be able to get your trees trimmed up, making your yard not only more aesthetically-pleasing, but safer as well.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a process which involves essentially punching holes in your soil so that it can “breathe.” There are a number of benefits when it comes to aeration, including less compacted soil, improvement in water retention, and a greater ability to absorb nutrients.

If you want to keep your grass green and healthy, yearly aeration would be a wise choice. A landscaping company can do the job for you.

Tree Removal

In some cases, it’s not only a stump that’s ruining the aesthetic of your yard, but an entire tree. Not only can trees ruin the aesthetic of your yard, they can make you yard unsafe as well.

By bringing in a landscaping company, you will be able to do away with dangerous and unsightly trees, making your property as livable as possible.

Tree Fertilization 

While most trees get adequate amounts of nutrients from the natural soil, you may choose to have your trees fertilized. Doing so ensures that your trees remain as healthy, and as strong as possible.

A professional landscaping company will be able to fertilize the roots of your trees, getting them ready for spring and summer.

Insect Eradication

With the possible exception of storms, nothing can wreak havoc on trees quite like insects. When termites and other pests inundate a tree, they eat it alive from the inside out. Over time, this slowly kills the tree.

Fortunately, you can eradicate these insects from your property with the help of a quality landscaping company.


Perhaps you’re looking to add to your landscape? Maybe you think it could go for some additional trees or shrubs? If so, a landscaping company can do the job for you.

Bringing in a professional landscaper will ensure that your trees and shrubs are planted properly, allowing them to grow to the best of their abilities.

Looking For a Landscaping Company in Palos Park?

Are you interested in having landscape work done on your property? Looking for a landscaping contractor in Palos Park? If so, Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service can help.

We offer all of the services described above and more. It’s our mission to make your property as aesthetically-pleasing as possible.

Contact us today for a free estimate!

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Should You Hire a Stump Removal Service in Tinley Park?


stump-removal-tinley-parkYou may think of the stumps in your yard as insignificant lumps which have no bearing on anything whatsoever. On most days, you’re likely entirely indifferent to them. However, stumps can pose some problems.

It’s not just aesthetics which are ruined by these protruding entities. Stumps can prove to be a safety hazard and general nuisance. If you’ve got a stump in your yard, it’s wise to have it professionally removed by a stump removal contractor.

Need convincing? Here are the reasons to hire a stump removal service in Tinley Park.

Reasons to Hire a Stump Removal Service in Tinley Park:

Improve the Aesthetic of Your Yard

The simple fact of the matter is that stumps are aesthetically unpleasant. Having a litany of almost-chopped trees scattered around your yard will bring down its overall look.

It doesn’t matter whether the rest of your yard looks impeccable. A dead, rotting stump will take away some of its charm.

Bringing in a professional stump removal service will ensure not only that the stump is removed, but that its previous location is patched up with fresh soil and grass. In essence, by hiring such a company, you’ll be able to transform the appearance of your yard.

Make Your Yard Easier to Mow

For most people, the most annoying part about mowing the lawn is mowing around different objects. If we could just walk or ride in a straight line while mowing the lawn, the process would be much less painful.

By removing the stumps in your yard, you bring just a little more ease to the activity of lawn mowing. Instead of having to trim the edges with a weedwhacker or push mower, you can just trim the grass in one fell swoop.

Optimize the Safety of Your Yard

While it’s not typical that people trip over stumps, the truth of the matter is that it can happen. This is especially true if your yard gets exceedingly dark at night.

In many cases, tripping over a stump will result in only minor pain. However, in some cases, tripping over a stump could result in rather serious injury.

Your best bet is to eliminate the chance of injury entirely by just having the stump removed.

Prevent Unwanted Trees From Growing in the Future

When a tree is cut down, but its stump remains, the roots of the tree are still left in the ground. While these roots don’t continue to grow, they can eventually let out sprouts known as sucker sprouts. At some point, these sucker sprouts will begin to grow, and can even lead to unwanted trees popping up in your yard.

The only way to ensure that unwanted trees don’t pop up is by removing stumps and roots entirely. This will leave your yard clear and open until you wish to take further action.

Maximize Room in Your Yard

Unless you’re using it as a sort of chair, a stump is an essentially useless entity. It doesn’t provide any decoration to your yard, and it doesn’t serve any practical function. Wouldn’t you rather utilize the space in your yard than have it taken up by a useless entity?

Removing the stump will maximize the room in your yard, allowing you to add new, useful entities such as sheds, gardens, and swing sets.

Hire a Reputable Stump Removal Service in Tinley Park

Are you convinced? Are you ready to do away with the unsightly stumps that are bringing down your yard? Looking for a reputable stump removal service in Tinley Park? If so, Smitty’s Tree & Arbor Service has got you covered.

We’ve been serving Tinley Park for over 60 years, providing tree and landscaping services of all kinds. Our team ensures quick and professional work.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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Can You Benefit from a Tree Trimming Service in River Forest?



As property owners, we tend to take our trees for granted. We see them, and we admire them, but we don’t always take proper care of them. At times, we let our trees grow out uncontrollably as their appearance, strength, and overall health are compromised.

To put it simply, this is a mistake; a mistake which can be rectified with regular trimmings.

Wondering how exactly you can benefit from a tree trimming service in River Forest? Read on to find out.


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5 Legitimate Reasons for Tree Removal in Evergreen Park



Trees are beneficial to your yard for a number of different reasons. Not only do they improve the aesthetic of your property, they offer much needed shade as well.

However, in some cases, trees can be more of a curse than a blessing. In these cases, it’s best that said trees are removed.

Here are 5 legitimate reasons for tree removal in Evergreen Park.


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Can You Benefit from Landscaping with Mulch?


Landscaping is a fun process simply because there are so many different styles of landscaping available. It can be exciting to bring a fresh and unique aesthetic to your yard.

A common method of landscaping, especially here in the midwest, is to use mulch. Mulch not only provides your yard with a unique look, but with a number of other benefits as well. Put simply, you can benefit from landscaping with mulch. (more…)

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8 Vital Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Tree Service


Trees grow. It’s what they do. And at some point, they grow so much that they start to impede on other parts of your property. It’s at this point that you need to hire a tree service in order trim them, prune them, or cut them down.

But not all tree services are created equally. There is quite a bit separating a legitimate tree service and one with only rudimentary experience.

So how do you ensure that you’re hiring a legitimate tree service? By asking these 8 vital questions, that’s how.


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Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Aeration


smittys-lawn-aerationMost people have a tendency to take their lawn for granted. They let it sit there without any maintenance, just expecting that it’s going to continue to bring a bright and inviting aesthetic to their home.

But grass, just like all other plants, needs attention and care. It needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order for it to thrive.

A key to keeping your grass healthy, strong, and shining is lawn aeration. This process ensures that the proper minerals and elements are making their way to the roots of your grass.


Types of Lawn Aeration

In general, there are two types of lawn aeration with each providing something just a little different in the way of benefits. These types of aeration include spike aeration and core aeration.

Spike Aeration

The lesser used type of lawn aeration is spike aeration. With this type of aeration, a machine is used which essentially drives spikes into the soil time and time again at a very rapid speed. As the spikes vibrate, they will slowly break apart the soil, allowing in more oxygen and moisture as a result.

Spike aeration, in most cases, is better suited for soil that is inordinately dry. While it breaks apart soil more successfully than core aeration, it doesn’t allow for quite as much oxygen and moisture flow.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is performed by a machine which, instead of using spikes, uses hollow plugs. These plugs drive their way down into the soil, pulling up and removing little “logs” of soil.

By removing these logs of soil, the aerator allows for tons of oxygen and moisture to make its way to the roots of grass. This type of aeration can be performed at any time from spring to fall, and is best suited for soil which already contains some level of moisture.


What are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Stronger Grass Roots

The greatest benefit of lawn aeration is stronger and healthier grass overall. This is because aeration allows for grass roots to have as much access to oxygen, fertilizer, and moisture as possible.

After all, aeration essentially involves putting holes in the ground. These holes leave free access for the elements to make their way to the roots.

Reduces Standing Water

Do you have a yard which is prone to collecting water during periods of heavy rain and snow? Are you often staring at large pools of standing water? If so, aeration can help.

Without aeration, soil becomes compacted. It basically weighs down on itself until it’s packed as tight as it can be. After a while, it becomes something almost like concrete. Obviously, water is going to stand on such a hard surface.

Aerating will break up the compacted soil, allowing for moisture to flow downward into it. This will prevent water from sitting in huge puddles in your yard.

Optimizes Seeding

If you’re getting ready to add additional grass seed to your yard, aeration would be wise.

Because aeration opens up rather large holes in your soil, it allows for seeds to easily make their way underneath the surface of your yard. This is where they need to be in order to grow deep, strong roots that can thrive through all conditions.

Lawn aeration also ensures that the proper minerals and elements can make their way to your newly planted seeds.


Seeking Out Professional Lawn Aeration?

If you’re going to have your lawn aerated, you’re going to want it done right. Hiring a reputable landscaping company will ensure that your yard truly reaps the benefits of lawn aeration.

Live in the Chicago area? If so, we here at Smitty’s are just the people you’re looking for. Our team of workers is highly experienced in all things landscaping, and will deliver the goods in a timely and professional manner.

Contact us for a free estimate today!

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4 Snow Removal Tips


smittys-snow-removalAn inevitable part of winter in Chicago is snowfall… and a lot of it. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to remove snow from your property.

Of course, shoveling snow and scraping ice is no simple task. It requires a great deal of time, effort, and energy. For this reason, you want to make it as simple a process as possible.

How do you simplify the show removal process? Here are 5 snow removal tips to help you do so.

1. Buy High-Quality Tools

Have you ever tried pushing snow with a flimsy, plastic or aluminum shovel? If so, you’ve probably experienced some of the most intense frustration known to humankind.

Manufacturers create these shovels because they know consumers will buy them for bargain prices. The only problem is that they don’t work. They might suffice for a small sidewalk, but are in no way equipped to handle a full driveway.

Instead of buying one of these shovels, opt for a steel one. Steel shovels may cost more in the short-term, but will last through years and years of heavy use, paying for themselves many times over in the long run.

For more information on what shovels to use, click here.

2. Use Salt

After you’ve shoveled snow off a surface, there is typically still a thin layer of snow remaining. If you allow this layer of snow to sit unscathed, it will eventually turn into ice. In many cases, a sheet of ice is even more hazardous than a pile of snow.

In order to melt this ice, you would be best served by using salt. The reason that salt is effective at melting ice is that it’s capable of lowering the freezing point of liquid. So, when snow melts, instead of turning into ice, it just slowly evaporates.

There are special salts available on the market which are specifically designed for snow removal. It’s recommended that you opt for these and not typical table salt.

3. Shovel Early and Often

Perhaps the cardinal sin of snow removal is waiting for it to stop snowing and then trying to remove said snow. This will work in occasions of light snow, but when it gets heavy, it opens you up to a number of problems.

The primary problem you’ll run into is that the snow is just too heavy. Trying to push and lift up a 1-foot pile of snow with a shovel is no simple task. The higher it stands, the more it packs together. And the more it packs together, the harder it is to separate from the surface.

By shoveling several times as the snow is falling, you are able to minimize the size of piles. This makes removal a great deal easier overall.

4. Call in a Professional

Maybe your driveway commercial parking lot is absolutely covered in snow? Perhaps snow is iced down and impossible for you to remove? Maybe you just don’t feel like expending any energy? In any case, calling in a professional snow removal service would be a viable solution.

Snow removal services have all of the resources necessary to remove snow quickly and effectively. Plows, salt dispensers, and other implements will have your driveway entirely cleared off within hours.

This last of our snow removal tips might involve paying a little money, but at least you won’t have to waste your time and energy.

Seeking Professional Snow Removal in Chicagoland?

Do you live in Alsip or somewhere else in the Chicago area? Are you in need of professional snow removal services? If so, look no further. We here at Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service have got you covered.

Though our focus is on trees, we are well experienced in removing snow from both residential and commercial properties. We’ll have your driveway cleared and open for business in no time.

Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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5 Reasons to Remove Stumps From Your Yard


tree-stump-removalWhile there is no one thing that will make your yard look bad, there are a number of bad things that, when added up, cause your yard to lose its aesthetic charm. One such thing is a tree stump.

Tree stumps evoke a combination of melancholy and laziness. They not only signify the departure of a once beautiful tree, but also signify that fact that you didn’t have the wherewithal to complete the tree’s removal.

You may be thinking: who cares? Well, there are more than just aesthetic reasons to get rid of your tree stumps.

Here are 5 reasons to remove stumps from your yard.

1. They’re Safety Hazards

Perhaps the most common sense of the reasons to remove stumps from your yard is that stumps are safety hazards that could potentially lead to injury.

After all, a hard, solid, entrenched piece of wood that sticks around a foot out of the ground is easy to trip over. This is especially true when it gets dark and you can’t see what’s around you.

Tripping over a stump might not seem like a big deal, but it could lead to serious injury. Your best bet is to just remove it entirely so that you can roam your yard without fear of hurting yourself.

2. They’re Unsightly

As was noted above, a stump is about as unsightly as anything that could ever appear in your yard. Whereas trees display beautiful leaves, stumps display the eradication of these leaves.

By removing stumps, you will not only improve the overall aesthetic of your property, you will potentially even increase the value of your property. No one wants a massacred tree sitting lifelessly in their yard.

It’s simple. Remove the stump and improve the appearance of your property.

3. They’re a Pain to Mow Around

While some people enjoy mowing their lawns, for most, it’s an annoying chore. You don’t want to make it any harder of a process than it has to be. And for this reason, you should remove the stumps in your yard.

Stumps are nothing more than another barrier to mow around. They prevent your ability to mow in a straight line, thus increasing the time it takes to get the job done.

Eradicate the stumps, and mowing the lawn will be a lot less of a hassle.

4. They Result in the Growth of New Trees

Did you know that a tree can grow back after it’s been cut down? Well, it can. That is, as long as you keep its stump entrenched in the ground.

In addition to growing back into a tree itself, a stump can also cause new trees to grow in its general proximity.

While there’s a chance that you want this, there’s also a decent chance that you don’t. If you don’t, you would be best served by removing the stump and its roots entirely.

5. They Take Up Precious Space

While you could conceivably use your stumps for a purpose, odds are that you won’t. They’ll probably just sit untouched in the middle of your yard, doing nothing more than taking up space and destroying the overall aesthetic of your property.

Think about the things you could replace your stumps with. Maybe you’re thinking about building a new shed? Maybe you’re interested in starting a garden?

By eradicating your stumps, you free up plenty of space to accomplish these things.

Looking to Remove Stumps From Your Yard?

Do you have a stump or two taking up space in your yard? Are you hoping to get rid of those stumps? If so, you’re in the right place.

We here at Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service have all of the knowledge and resources needed to extract your stumps in a quick and professional manner. Our licensed team of workers is beyond experienced in the process of stump removal, and will have your yard looking newly born.

Contact us today for an estimate!

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Hardwood Firewood vs Softwood Firewood: A Comparison


smittys-firewoodWinter is coming and the cold is already here. That means that it’s time to light up the fireplace and get that wood a-burnin’.

But before you just start buying firewood willie-nillie, make sure that you’re educated on what you’re getting out of the wood you’re using.

While there are all different type of wood species, there are, in general, two different types of wood: hardwood and softwood. When used as firewood, each of these different types of woods has its benefits and drawbacks. But what are they?

It’s the ultimate battle: hardwood firewood vs softwood firewood. Let’s compare!


Hardwood Firewood vs Softwood Firewood

Hardwood Firewood

Hardwoods include everything from oak, to ash, to cherry, and many other types of wood. North America is filled with hardwoods of all types.


  1. Long Burn Time

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using hardwood firewood is that it burns over a much longer period of time than does softwood firewood. Because of this, you can burn a lot less of it, and save tons of money on firewood in the long run.

  1. Very Little Smoke

If you’re hoping to burn firewood indoors, hardwood firewood is the only reasonable option. This is because hardwood produces very little smoke when burnt. Softwood, on the other hand, can be extremely smoky, and can even get smoky enough to start setting off detectors.

  1. Produces Tons of Heat

Because hardwood is so dense, it can retain tons of heat. As more and more heat becomes retained by the wood, the temperatures of the wood rise and rise. This allows you to heat up an entire room with the use of just one or two logs at a time. Using less logs will result spending less money.


  1. Long Seasoning Process

The one true downside to hardwood firewood is that it takes quite a while to season. Seasoning is the process in which wood dehydrates and readies itself to be burnt in a fireplace. The average seasoning time for hardwood is around 1 to 2 years.


Softwood Firewood

Softwoods include pine, cedar, and spruce, to name just a few. Like hardwoods, they can be found in large quantities all throughout North America.


  1. Relatively Short Seasoning Process

Where softwood has hardwood beat in our hardwood firewood vs softwood firewood comparison is in seasoning time. Whereas hardwood takes around a year or two to season, softwood typically only takes 6 to 12 months.

  1. Easy to Light

Another small, but typical benefit of softwood firewood is that it’s fairly easy to light. But, while it’s easy to light, it doesn’t tend to stay lit for a prolonged period of time. Just be aware of what you’re getting into when you’re buying it.


  1. Limited Burn Time

As was noted above, while softwood is fairly easy to light, it doesn’t stay lit for long. Softwood is much less dense than hardwood, meaning that fire tends to go through it like a flame through paper.

  1. Fairly Smoky

Compared to hardwood, firewood is exponentially more smoky. If you’re burning it outside, this won’t necessarily be a problem. But if you’re burning it in an indoor fireplace, your house is going to be filled up with smoke in a fairly rapid period of time.


Looking for Hardwood Firewood in or around Chicago?

If you’ve got a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you’re going to need a consistent flow of high-quality firewood. Interested in reaping the benefits of hardwood firewood in Chicago or its surrounding areas? We’ve got you covered.

Here at Smitty’s Tree and Arbor Service, we season and supply some of the highest-quality oak firewood this world has to offer. We can deliver it right to your fire pit, fireplace, or doorstep.

Contact us for more information!

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