If you love the daily mowing, weeding, pruning, and mulching routine, you’ll definitely love to pursue gardening as a hobby. However, if you are one of the many Hinsdale residents who would prefer not to get their hands dirty and yet have a beautiful looking lawn, then you need to hire a landscaping company to do the task for you.

A landscaping company will not only save you the effort of doing the sweaty, dirty, and tiring chore yourself, but will also help you with ideas and suggestions on how to build and maintain a lawn that looks fresh and healthy, year after year.

So, how do you select a landscaping company that will do the job right and meets your expectations?

Here are five things you should look out for before hiring a landscaping company in Hinsdale, Illinois:

1. Portfolio

It is important to check the past work performed by any landscaping company before finalizing on one. It’s best to make sure that they’ve had good results working in the neighborhood and are able to approach any situation in your backyard with experience.

2. Reputation

Sometimes, we are inclined to make the choice for a landscaping company based solely on their price quoted for the project. However, this could turn out to be an expensive mistake if the job is done poorly. Plus, someone hired at a lower price may be nowhere to be found when the season reaches its peak. This could leave you with an even more unkempt looking landscape.

So, it’s best to check in the Hinsdale neighborhood and do your research about the reputation of the contractor before you decide on a landscaping company.

3. Knowledge

This is arguably the most important factor to consider before finalizing your landscaping company. What kind of landscaping do you have? Can it be sheared or pruned once the flower buds have set in? These are just some of the questions that your landscaping company should be able to answer. Basically, it’s best to gauge their level of knowledge and their experience to make sure that the company is professional, well organized, and has the knowledge to maintain your landscape.

A well-maintained landscape is a breathing and living investment that increases the value of your home, so don’t endanger it by handing it over to a contractor who does not have the necessary knowledge to take care of the plants.

4. Licenses

Landscaping contractors must be well-versed and posses the required license to apply pesticides and fertilizers to your lawn. These laws are put in place to avoid the harmful and dangerous effects that pesticides could have on humans, pets, and the environment when used incorrectly. Be sure that the company you hire has the required licenses to avoid any disputes in the future.

5. Resources and Insurance

In order for the contractor to perform the work correctly, the company needs to have the necessary equipment such as shears, trucks, aerators, lawn mowers, etc. Additionally, it is vital to check that the landscaping company has the required insurance to ensure that you are not held liable for any injuries caused to a worker on your property.

Looking for a Landscaping Company in Hinsdale, Illinois?

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