smittys-lawn-aerationMost people have a tendency to take their lawn for granted. They let it sit there without any maintenance, just expecting that it’s going to continue to bring a bright and inviting aesthetic to their home.

But grass, just like all other plants, needs attention and care. It needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order for it to thrive.

A key to keeping your grass healthy, strong, and shining is lawn aeration. This process ensures that the proper minerals and elements are making their way to the roots of your grass.


Types of Lawn Aeration

In general, there are two types of lawn aeration with each providing something just a little different in the way of benefits. These types of aeration include spike aeration and core aeration.

Spike Aeration

The lesser used type of lawn aeration is spike aeration. With this type of aeration, a machine is used which essentially drives spikes into the soil time and time again at a very rapid speed. As the spikes vibrate, they will slowly break apart the soil, allowing in more oxygen and moisture as a result.

Spike aeration, in most cases, is better suited for soil that is inordinately dry. While it breaks apart soil more successfully than core aeration, it doesn’t allow for quite as much oxygen and moisture flow.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is performed by a machine which, instead of using spikes, uses hollow plugs. These plugs drive their way down into the soil, pulling up and removing little “logs” of soil.

By removing these logs of soil, the aerator allows for tons of oxygen and moisture to make its way to the roots of grass. This type of aeration can be performed at any time from spring to fall, and is best suited for soil which already contains some level of moisture.


What are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Stronger Grass Roots

The greatest benefit of lawn aeration is stronger and healthier grass overall. This is because aeration allows for grass roots to have as much access to oxygen, fertilizer, and moisture as possible.

After all, aeration essentially involves putting holes in the ground. These holes leave free access for the elements to make their way to the roots.

Reduces Standing Water

Do you have a yard which is prone to collecting water during periods of heavy rain and snow? Are you often staring at large pools of standing water? If so, aeration can help.

Without aeration, soil becomes compacted. It basically weighs down on itself until it’s packed as tight as it can be. After a while, it becomes something almost like concrete. Obviously, water is going to stand on such a hard surface.

Aerating will break up the compacted soil, allowing for moisture to flow downward into it. This will prevent water from sitting in huge puddles in your yard.

Optimizes Seeding

If you’re getting ready to add additional grass seed to your yard, aeration would be wise.

Because aeration opens up rather large holes in your soil, it allows for seeds to easily make their way underneath the surface of your yard. This is where they need to be in order to grow deep, strong roots that can thrive through all conditions.

Lawn aeration also ensures that the proper minerals and elements can make their way to your newly planted seeds.


Seeking Out Professional Lawn Aeration?

If you’re going to have your lawn aerated, you’re going to want it done right. Hiring a reputable landscaping company will ensure that your yard truly reaps the benefits of lawn aeration.

Live in the Chicago area? If so, we here at Smitty’s are just the people you’re looking for. Our team of workers is highly experienced in all things landscaping, and will deliver the goods in a timely and professional manner.

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