You’ll Love Our Arbor Services in Chicago, IL

Smitty’s Tree Service has over 65 years of experience helping your trees look healthy and beautiful. Our experts work in both residential and commercial areas, and they can provide a variety of arbor services in Chicago, IL, including tree consultations and disease control. We pride ourselves on our quick and clean pruning services—we won’t leave piles of debris all over your property.
Our experts in Chicago, IL, providing arbor services

Tree & Shrub Health

With a Certified Arborist on staff, we have the skills and knowledge needed to care for your sick trees or shrubs and nurse them back to health. Disease can kill trees, and it will spread to other trees if not treated in time. Common tree diseases include:

  • Hawthorn Rust
  • Apple Scab Disease
  • Anthracnose

Insect infestations can also kill a tree if allowed to go unchecked. Potential infestations in your area can come from:

  • Japanese Beetles
  • Leaf Miners
  • Aphids
  • Sawfly
  • Bagworms
  • Tent Caterpillars

Our arbor services in Palos Heights, IL and the surrounding areas can treat any of these problems. And if your tree or shrub is in an unsuitable location for disease and insect control spraying, don’t worry—we can inject the solution directly into the trunk or roots.


Fertilization is the key to keeping a strong, healthy plant. A well-fertilized tree or shrub can fight off pests and disease more easily. We typically fertilize trees in the spring and autumn. If cement, rocks, or other materials cover the root zones, we can simply inject the fertilizer directly into the trees.

Tree & Shrub Removal

If a tree or shrub on your property has died or is too diseased to save, we can remove it quickly and safely before it infects other trees, damages property, or becomes a safety hazard. We also provide stump grinding services so that you can fully reclaim your yard.

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